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Gator Fish Farm (Health Certified and VHS Tested)

Benjamin Schleppenbach - one of the founders of Gator Fish Farm started in 2015. Benjmain started fish farming because he always liked fishing. . . and we bet your love of fishing is why you are here today.

At Gator Fish Farm the focus is primarily on raising fish (for lakes, ponds and for food). But we also provide pond design consulting, project management for pond installations, and pond related products. Please look around on the site to see what we have available for your next project. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Gator Fish Farm will consult with you on your pond design and upkeep, sell the fish to stock in your pond and also provide a wide variety of products that will be invaluable for maximizing your enjoyment!

Aquaculture and a Healthy Ecosystem

A Healthy Ecosystem


There is a delicate balance between a lake or streams natural ecosystem and human interaction. The longevity of a healthy ecosystem depends on how we use that resource for recreation or sport. Each State's Fish & Game Department or Department of Natural Resources manages our lakes and streams Ecosystem providing guidance on maintaining a healthy environment. This includes shoreline habit, weed growth, run-off, invasive species, limits on both game and non game fish as well as stocking when appropriate. Stocking a lake or stream can present a challenge as it could change the Ecosystem in a dramatic way for good or potentially bad, especially if we introduce a species non-native to a region or country. We have seen this in the early decision to introduce Carp here in the United States. The introduction of Brown Trout on the other hand has worked out well for sport fishing. Gator Fish Farm provides fish for stocking lakes and streams through Lake Associations and Department of Natural Resources...


A Ponds Ecosystem is just as important to manage simply because it represent an investment each owner has made to enjoy through out the year. Here at Gator Fish Farm ...


- Benjamin Schleppenbach


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RFF Notices

IMPORTANT: Pick-up fish by appointment only.

Spring Delivery: April-June.

Fall Delivery: September-December.

All fish are health certified and VHS tested. DNR stocking permit or fish farm registration required.

Delivery available within 150 miles of Stoughton, WI. Cost is $2.00 per mile both ways. Minimum order of $100 for delivery. Fish picked up from the hatchery can be placed in bags with water and oxygen and can be hauled up to six hours. Free bagging with pick-up. Call to order or check availability.